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Sustainable Land & Forestry Ecosystem Management

Citola originates and manages forestry ecosystem assets through a holistic approach to sustainable land management to produce sustainable forestry products and environmental-based commodities. Citola incorporates proprietary forestry design, management and commercialisation methodologies adaptable to different terrain, standards and markets globally. Citola focuses on creating productive and sustainable forestry ecosystems to maximise the environmental and commercial benefits.


Timber, Biomass, Carbon, Water, Environmental, Agriculture & Land

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Strategy & Approach

Citola utilises a proprietary Forestry Landscape Model in the development of projects to realise the inherent value of the ecosystem and to maximise productivity and the environmental and commercial outcomes.

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Recent Citola News

Citola has successfully implemented the planting program for the Citola Biodiverse Wetland Lin

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Investor Centre

Citola Limited is an Australian public company with operations in the United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil.

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